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 [V1.3_01] MoreCreeps & Weirdos

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PostSubject: [V1.3_01] MoreCreeps & Weirdos    Thu Mar 17, 2011 12:15 am

Hey Guys,

this mod is basically a Mob Mod, with different Mobs Evil and nice

Site :

such as

*** GOO GOAT ***
A rather peaceful animal that munches on grass and fills up with slime. You can see him fill up and grow as he strips the landscape of grass. Killing it will yeild Goo Donuts dependent on his size and slime capacity.

*** BLORP ***
A herbivorous creature that grows as it eats leaves. You may want to kill it before it gets too big! Blorps are hostile toward other Blorps, and drop a refreshing drink called BlorpCola. The bigger the Blorp, the more cola you get. Or, you could just leave it alone to eat in peace. The choice is yours.

*** BABY MUMMY ***
These ripening youths [only hundreds of years old instead of thousands] are a mischevious bunch who love to play with humans. If you step on sand, watch out! These little creeps will try to bury you in their sand traps. They do appear during the day, but will burn up at high noon.

*** PREACHER ***
Sometimes you just need a good sacrifice. It's a good thing that the world of Minecraft has so many sheep and pigs just wandering about, making them the perfect offering to the Gods of Minecraft*. These holy dudes may be loaded with donations, but they will also perform the ritual on you if you try to take it from them. Repent!

This poor fellow is desperate for some delicious, fresh cake. If you can bake a cake for this Hunchback, he will become your loyal servant. This is where the fun begins, because if you throw him a bone, he will raise a skeleton army to wreak havok on the land. They are an uncontrollable and temporary band of hoodlums. Watch them kick some serious butt.

Creeping around in the hot sun, these rowdy reptiles are always looking for a little something to munch on. Are you a little something? They shoot mini fireballs at a distance, and leap on you when close.

These double-headed devils are fearsome beasts which live primarily in the Ice Desert regions. If you kill them, they will drop pure ice, which can be used to build or as a source of portable water. They have a fearsome bite, but can be tamed if you throw snowballs at close range. But beware! They make very dangerous pets! Also, for whatever reason, these Snow Devils do not like the night and burn accordingly.

These delightful creatures just love to explore the world of Minecraft. They will follow you around on your adventures if you feed them enough apples or wheat. Apples are much more effective than wheat. If you tame them, they will fight [and die] for you. Each guinea pig has it's own name and unique personality, and will tell you when it is wounded. Feeding it more apples or wheat will heal your pigs.

*** THIEVES ***
Keep a watchful eye for these opportunists of Minecraft, for they are out to steal your valuables. But don't worry, you can recover your stolen goods if you kill the pesky fellows or if they meet thier untimely demise in other ways.

*** DIRTY BUMS ***
These unfortunate fellows wander around looking for a kind soul such as yourself to offer them iron, gold or diamonds. If you treat these rotten bums nicely, you will be rewarded! The more generous your gift, the better the reward.

*** MUMMY ***
The Mummies are slightly quick but not that powerful. They drop mostly sand and cloth.

*** BLACK SOUL ***
The evil Black Souls are sluggish in movement, but they have a powerful attack and can take a lot of damage.
They drop coal - harvested from the souls of fallen miners.
Also, there is a small chance they will drop the soul of an innocent miner who was never tempted by mineral deposits. This rare drop is a diamond.

This dapper fellow wanders around delighted with the world around him. For many of his journeys, he takes only a delicious red apple and his walking stick.
However, sometimes he brings along a little extra ice cream money and you may find gold bars. If you attack him, he reveals himself in order to seek revenge.

Rock Monster's spawn during the day and are peaceful unless disturbed. Do so at your own peril, as these lapidarian lunks spring to life seeking revenge if provoked.
They are composed mostly of rock and gravel, but some of these beasts possess an iron will and will drop such a covetous prize upon their untimely demise.

And thats about it,

you can Check out this awesome Mod at
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[V1.3_01] MoreCreeps & Weirdos
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