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 [V1.3_01] SDK's Guns, Grappling Hook and Utilities [v5]

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PostSubject: [V1.3_01] SDK's Guns, Grappling Hook and Utilities [v5]   Wed Mar 16, 2011 3:55 am

[V1.3_01] SDK's Guns, Grappling Hook and Utilities [v5]

Hey Guys,

I've recently installed SDK's GunMod I love it!

there is a variety Of cool weapons Including
- AK-47 - Sniper Rifle - Laser Guided Rocket Launcher and much more!

there are also Item Mods,

For eg,

Nuke - 5x Tnt's in one So it packs one hell of Explosion

ScubaTank - Underwater Breathing Smile

Night Vision Goggles - you can see Clearly at night

Parachute - you can glide easily Down High Area's instead of just falling to your death

Sentry Gun - a Robot Gun That Kills Bad MOB's For eg. Creepers,zombies ect..

And a whole lot more you can check them out At and the download is also There,

So i hope you like this Mod i sure did!

heres the Main details If you can be bothered to read it,


Guns and ammo: AK47, MP5, sniper rifle, new gun, shotgun, flamethrower, desert eagle, rocket launcher, laser-guided rocket launcher, SG552, Gatling gun
Grenades: explosive, stun, smoke, sticky (explosive)
Flammable oil
Lighter block (Lights on fire when powered)
Nuke (5x the power of TNT)
Automated sentries
Cannon block (Right click with TNT to fill, power to fire)
Grinder block (grind gunpowder from flint and gravel)

Grappling Hook
Grappling hook Wink

Nightvision goggles
Scuba tank
Grinder block (Grinds flint and gravel into gunpowder)
Gold coins (possible server currency)

Player spawners
Weapon spawners
Can set world indestructible
Respawn with desert eagle and some ammo

All their Information is on their Website Here it is again
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[V1.3_01] SDK's Guns, Grappling Hook and Utilities [v5]
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