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 Please read this before you post

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PostSubject: Please read this before you post   Thu Mar 10, 2011 11:52 pm

Hey everyone

We just have some basic rules,
1- please no posting more than 1 "new topic" We dont want this filling up quick
2- Your allowed to say if there channel is "good" or "bad" ~ NO SWEARING ~
3- We don't want any arguement saying mine is better than yours or what not

~~ If a person is going to every channel saying they are bad. There will be a link to report them and any mods or admins will have a look.
~~ If that person has done to many things wrong. We will decide a "punishment"

-;- Consider this free advertising, and if people go over the top or are not using this topic fairly, we will simply turn it off.

Sorry for being harsh, but i don't want anyone getting affended.

Thankyou for reading, Sped rik
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Please read this before you post
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